Phew, so I have a new graph!

After the horrific downswing comes the much welcomed upswing. Since the last blog entry, I have been playing 10-18 tables of the $6.50 45 man SitnGos, with a few $12 games thrown in as I reach break-even again. All this has been late night and I feel exhausted but delighted that I’ve managed to turn it around so quickly! Hopefully I can continue in this direction, though the blip at the end is slightly worrying.

I have also been think about the future and what I expect to move onto with my game. I feel confident that I could be a winning player at $100NL and I believe that with some practice I could 20table full ring 100NL profitably. Even at break-even, the FPPs from doing this would be mind-blowing. It’s not something I can envisage in the near future, but it may be a long term plan… I dunno, I guess I will just continue to grind what I enjoy and at present that is these tournaments!