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Everyone knows that even with skill, at low level poker there is still quite a bit of luck involved… this weekend started off with the luck on my side… and then it quickly left.

SaturdayI was up to around $81 in my bankroll, closing quickly in on total break even.  I played a few small tourneys and won one $1 SNG and took second in another.  Was hanging around $84 when I was down to under an hour to play… decided to sit at the $.05/$.10 Full Ring NLHE Table… went in with $4 and thought I’d see what happened.  After a few hands of no action, got some good cards but had them busted out, got some bad cards and bluffed them through, was up, was down… about 20 minutes in though I hit a monster on the flop… had bet $.30 to get to the flop, two callers, and hit a monster full house, think it was Kings over tens.  I was the button, so was in great shape.  The BB posted a $.45 bet, so I called and we saw another card, an Ace.  Now I’m thinking that didn’t help but I’m still holding a big full house so I wait to see his action.  He bets into me for $1.20 and I go all in.  He calls.  Showdown shows him with a pair of A’s. 

So I’m in good shape and continue to play good.  In the end of the time I hung around, about 40 minutes total, I turned $4 into $13.35. 

 Saturday evening started off as Saturdays do, with me playing 4 $2 SNGs at one time, was doing ok, then started a losing streak.  Lost about 5-6 SNGs in a row… decided to quit.

Sunday I got up and started playing, played normal but not great.  Had some bad beats, including one that bounced me on the bubble in a 90 player $1 SNG tourney, costing me a little, but I had a long road to decent money anyway (was majorly down in chips compared to leaders).

So ending out the weekend I’m hanging around $80 in my BR after hitting a high of $93.00 in there, $7.00 short of total break even.

I’m trying to decide what to do now… whether to keep grinding it up until I get positive by a good margin or try a quick jump for a couple of SNGs.  I think my skills might support the jump, but the variance might kill me… thoughts?

Gee… this post really doesn’t match the title.