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VCPoker is introducing perhaps its greatest player challenge yet – the Beat Victor Challenge!  Over $100,000 is prizes and 10 trips to Spain are up for grabs.  Four challenges make up this exciting promotion.  All you have to do to claim your place is earn points through a series of Sit & Go tournaments to climb up leaderboard charts, win another tournament, and find yourself sitting face to face with Victor Chandler in Spain!

Challenge OneWeekly Leaderboards: First off, over $5,000 each week will be paid to the top qualifying finers on three different leaderboards.  Points for the leaderboard are earned by playing in qualifying Sit & Go tournaments, and the stake of the game determines which leaderboard it applies too.  The first challenge runs for 10 weeks and we are already in the start of week 2, so don’t stall!

Challenge TwoWeekly Final: The top three finishers from each of the three leaderboards will all be invited to play in a weekly final where only the winner will be able to advance to Challenge Three.  Victor Chandler himself will also be playing with a $500 bounty on his head.

Challenge ThreeLive Final: This is the special treat.  Once the 10 weeks of the weekly leaderboards and weekly finals are up, the winners from each of the weekly finals will be flown out to Spain on April 24th.  In Spain, the 10 winners will participate in a live final game and receive VIP treatment.  The winner of the live final will be the first one to progress to the next, and last, challenge.

Challenge FourBeat Victor: This is the chance to win the grand prize!  The first person that is able to beat Victor Chandler in a heads-up game gets to take home $50,000!  The winner of the live final will be the first contestant in the heads-up battle.  If they are unsuccessful, the 2nd place finisher will give their shot, and so down the line.  Here, it pays immensely to play your best and finish on top.

There’s still 9 weeks left to qualify in this Beat Victor Challenge, so don’t think you can’t make it.  Don’t have an account with VCPoker?  That’s not a problem either.  Just click on any of the links throughout this article and you will be on your way.  Good luck and happy winnings!