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Hi Everyone,

(Ok, hello to those who stumble in here accidentaly)

This was the first weekend with me starting over.  And I’m pretty happy.  Now know that when I started on Saturday I had about 19.00 in my FTP account.  This is not where I wanted to be, but that is what it is.  So I got up before the family on Saturday morning and played two $1.00 SNG’s.  I did play according to how I think I should be, Tight-aggressive and I worked to see more flops this time, calling with some marginal hands, which often worked out well.  I won one tourney and lost the other due to a bad all-in call on my part, thought the player was weaker than he was.

Now come Saturday afternoon, things went south… I played in a $1 SNG and lost.  Next came another $1 SNG loss, 9th place this time.  Then came the $3.00 SNG 90-player Knockout Bounty tourney, which I can usually play extremely tight and sit back and observe…

Well that was going well, was up to about 1.5 times initial stack (around 4500 chips after 3000 at start) and playing well… then the phone rings.  My father, from out-of-state, which usually riles me up pretty well, and it did it this time too.  I tried to fold out every hand but while talking to him for over 35 minutes, found that I couldn’t concentrate on the cards… which led to two stupid calls, and an all-in against a flush draw that didn’t pan out.  So… needless to say I wasn’t happy.

Later Saturday night I played one $1 SNG and broke even (3rd) and then went on to another where i lost.  So I was in fairly beat-up shape.

I got up early Sunday morning again and dove right in.  I played a total of 5 $1 Turbo SNG’s on FTP on Sunday, and won 4 of them.  I played them all tight-aggressive, one was against a serious field of people who would call with anything.  One guy was all in with 2c 7h pre-flop.  So that was an easy match.  In the end, I’m sitting around $22 or $23 at the end of the weekend, looking like I’m on an upswing.  If I can keep this up I’ll be thrilled.

 Oh, and btw… if you’re reading – comment!  I’d love to hear someone likes or even hates this drivel.