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Ben Wilinofsky, the 22 year old Canadian with the adventurous spirit, last night won the EPT Berlin Main Event 2011. The win earned Wilinofsky 825,000 Euros ($1.1 Million) and an EPT Title. This win takes Wilinofsky to over $2 Million in lifetime winnings and is his first major poker title. Wilinofsky plays online at PokerStars under the name “NeverScaredB”.

Wilinofsky came to the game with a mop top hair cut and dark stunner shades, bringing the big stack to a final table which included Team PokerStars pro Joep van den Bijgaart and Martin Jacobson. Wilinofsky brought a chip stack of $5.2 Million with Maximilian Heinzelmann of Germany in second with 4,970,000. After the rest of the players busted out, it was Wilinofsky versus Heinzelmann heads up with $1 Million on the line. Wilinofsky with 16 million in chips versus Heinzelmann with 6 million in chips.

In the final hand of the tournament Wilinofsky limped the button preflop with 76 offsuit. Heinzelmann checked. The flop came 853 rainbow. All the chips went in with Heinzelmann holding 89 top pair versus Wilinofsky with the open ended straight draw. The board came out 8 5 3 9 J to give Wilinofsky the straight and the EPT Title.