Everest Poker is now offering their players a great opportunity to win a seat at the WSOP Main Event 2009. They are offering a step style progression, 6 steps in total, to work your $3 into a Main Event Package + $3000 for travel expenses. Alternatively you can skip ahead to further steps with their WSOP Step Jumper tournaments which vary in buy-in depending on which step you’ll skip to. They also offer a Freeroll Step Jumper tournament to step 1. You can directly buy-in at any level or use your player points instead of paying cash.

Step 1 2.70+0.30
Step 2 $11+1
Step 3 $36+4
Step 4 $122+12
Step 5 $473+30
Step 6 $1650+78

Everest Poker will also match the WSOP Main Event winnings of their qualified players up to $1,000,000 and share it with all those qualified! Even if you busted out early!

Based on last year’s figures that would mean all 62 Everest Poker players would have won $20,000 EACH!