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Well, it took over a year for someone to hit Carbon Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot, but the wait was well worth it for those lucky enough to get a piece of it.  During that time it had ballooned to nearly $1.2 million, becoming a world record for a bad beat jackpot.

The lucky player’s screen name was RUGGIO, who hit a straight flush from 7 to Jack of Hearts.  Fortunately for him, AELANI also hit a straight flush, his from the 9 to King of Hearts.  I don’t supposed he complained too much though, as for winning the bad beat hand he was paid $208,698 from the jackpot.  RUGGIO’s share for being the lucky loser was $417,396.

Other players at the table were also able to share in the good fortune of their table mates.   All of the players who were sitting in at the $.50/$1 full-ring, no-limit Hold’em game each received $41,739, just for being a witness to history!

Carbon is part of the quickly growing Merge Gaming Network.  They have already started a new jackpot, which is fed from the old jackpot as well as a portion of the rake taken at every specially marked “Bad Beat” table.  The new Bad Beat Jackpot currently stands at $258,216, and is growing fast.