Daniel Negreanu is a familiar face all around the professional poker world and a very successful player in the World Series of Poker. After today Negreanu has won a total of four bracelets in the WSOP, a feat only accomplished by seven other people in the history of the event. To top it off Negreanu won this event in 2004 which is quite a significant repeat!

Negreanu’s total winnings for this event were $204,874 and it was a grueling fight to get to the top with a number of skilled players gunning for the bracelet. Among these players was Fu Wong who finished second in event #14 a few days past.

Negreanu may be familiar, but he didn’t start at the top of this final table. Starting off mid stacked can be a challenging situation and once the event was finished Negreanu thanked his fans for the support during the event. It’s easy to see why the presence of so many on his side would make the event a little less strenuous.

The table petered out to Negreanu and Marangoz and ended when Daniel had three of a kind. This was right after a devastating hand that nearly took all of Marangoz’s chips. With such a small stack he put it all on the line and Negreanu walked away the victor. Second place wasn’t any small change though when Marangoz went home with $126,671.

“It’s so difficult to even get to the final table, so to win is just an amazing feeling,” Negreanu said.

It looks like this is another win to chalk up to Negreanu’s already stellar record in the World Series of Poker. It will be exciting to watch him amidst the other talented players in the main event. Who knows, Negreanu may end up being this year’s winner!