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The third annual Wynn Poker Classic concluded yesterday at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This fledgling event is establishing itself as a highlight of the Vegas calender, with a sixteen event series culmination with the $10,000 No Limit Hold ‘em Championship.

The contest, which began on Monday, saw 54 players return to compete on Day 2. Although originally scheduled as a four day event, the rate of eliminations on the second day prompted tournament organizers to push through until just 12 players remained. Notable pros who failed to make it to final day include Sorel Mizzi, Steve Billirakis, Justin Bonomo, and Jon “PearlJammer” Turner. However, it was Scott Seiver’s acrimonious exit which stole all the headlines.

Seiver entered a pot with fellow pro Jimmy Fricke, the two playing down to a final board of K-10-8-K-4. Things began to escalate when Seiver pushed all-in and, after some lengthy deliberation, Fricke elected to make the call. Seemingly conceding defeat Seiver nudged his cards towards the dealer, uttering the words, “You win.” Fricke then flipped A-Q for what was presumed to be a victorious Ace high, only to have Seiver explosively declare that he had pocket 2’s. The dealer had interpreted Seiver’s actions as a muck and had already taken in the hand. The tournament director was called and the decision was made to award the pot, and all of Seiver’s chips, to Jimmy Fricke.

Things were a lot quieter on Day 3, as the final twelve player’s competed for the chance to become 2009 Wynn Classic Poker Champion. In the end it was Keith Ferrera who walked away victorious. The final three made a deal to chop the lion’s share of the prize pool and $60,000 was left for the winner of the tournament. Although, before a champion could be crowned heads up, opponents Ferrera and Kyle Wilson elected to split the remaining money. In the final hand the chips were all-in preflop, with Fererra holding A-J, firmly behind to Wilson’s J-J. The lead was short lived however, as an Ace on the flop and then another on the turn gave Fererra trip Aces and the title.

Day 3 payouts were as follows:

1st Keith Ferrera $255,000
2nd Kyle Wilson $249,000
3rd Cory Zeidman $210,000
4th Ed Perry $80,704
5th Wayne Boich $60,528
6th Justin Newton $40,352
7th Alex Melnikow $30,264
8th Praz Bansi $25, 220
9th Evan McNiff $20,176
10th John Haworth $12,610
11th Jimmy Fricke $12,610
12th Adam Zinn $12,610