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Paradise Poker Review


Paradise Poker has become one of the better poker sites on today’s Internet. Since its founding in 1999 it has had a lot of opportunities to prosper, growing into the very profitable poker site we now know. Already a popular site by 2004 when it was acquired by SportingBet Plc, the move raised its traffic levels to new and impressive heights. Recent U.S. legislation has taken its toll on Paradise Poker, causing them to drop their American players. To combat the sharp decrease in traffic, Paradise recently joined the International Poker Network. This was a wise decision on their part as it continues to offer decent traffic and a wide variety of games for all skill levels.

In addition to Limit, No-limit, and Pot-limit Texas Hold’em, Paradise also offers a large variety of other games, including Limit and Pot-limit Omaha and Hi/Lo, 5 and 7 Card Stud, Soko (Scandinavian Stud) and 5 Card Draw. A wide range of stakes are offered with a decent amount of traffic for each, ensuring a game for almost anyone. You will find most people at the low/mid stake No-limit Hold’em tables, but you’ll also find quite a few high stakes games running. Their other poker games (besides Hold’em) don’t get nearly as much traffic but there should be enough for you to find a game.

In addition to cash games Paradise Poker offers some excellent tournaments, the most popular being the “guaranteed” prize pools. In these tournaments, players are guaranteed a certain prize pool regardless of how many entrants there are. Each month there are €2,000,000 worth of guaranteed tournaments that players of all levels are able to enjoy.

Paradise Poker excels in game variety, even if the site’s traffic cannot be compared with the likes of the current online poker behemoths. They still do a good job in making a few great games available for you anytime on any stakes and on any possible game you may want to play. Because Paradise Poker has an inherent sports book and casino, you can expect some very fishy play on the site at all times, particularly at lower through medium stakes. The higher stakes can be somewhat of a wasteland, but hey, you can’t have it all. The old adage “quality over quantity” definitely applies in this case. Try Paradise Poker today!

Software Interface/Usability

One of the key issues in poker software today is language availability. Poker rooms that fail to establish a multilingual piece of software will ultimately suffer as others are catching on to its importance. Paradise Poker’s website and software is available in 21 different languages, ensuring a wide variety of people the ability to comfortably play on their site. This will ultimately help player traffic. Multi-tabling is important for seasoned players trying to maximize profitability and Paradise Poker has recognized this in developing their software. Paradise Poker will basically allow you to open as many tables as your computer can take, and these can be easily resized to make maximum use of your screen’s real estate in order to provide one of the most efficient multi-tabling experiences on the market today. Five of the tables you open can be easily accessed through numbered buttons available in the poker software lobby. This is definitely a boon if you have a small screen and are playing with your tables in a cascaded manner. But technically, playing an insane number of tables should be a breeze on Paradise Poker.

The tables themselves are kept relatively simple, giving it a clean and attractive look. The blue color scheme fits perfectly with its overall theme. Players are given several options to control their playing environment from changing the color of the deck to the game’s sound effects which further enhance one’s ability to play comfortably. There is minimal animation within the software as well. The manner in which the cards were dealt and swept off the table after a hand seemed quite lifelike. There may be better lobbies around but Paradise Poker’s lobby still gets the job done and is quite decent. It isn’t difficult to find any game of your choice at any stake and that’s really the bottom line. Navigation is a breeze and won’t take much time to get used to at all.

For those who like to spread their funds around, ParadisePoker has some great features with regards to money transfers. Because Paradise is part of SportingBet Plc group, customers can easily interchange their funds between any Sportsbook betting, the Paradise Casino, and SportingBet gaming. Unlike many other poker sites on the IPN network, Paradise Poker does not use Webdollar. Your winnings are promptly paid and there are a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options for you to choose from.

For the serious player, you will be able to obtain hand history files automatically from their site. These files are compatible with Poker Tracker, so keeping track of your results should not be a concern.

The Paradise Poker software is also available in no-download format. The main difference is that the graphics are somewhat inferior to the installed version.

Poker Room Action

The action at Paradise Poker is by no means scarce. At any point of the day you’ll find a decent amount of activity. Its traffic can easily reach over 10,000 players during peak hours. After the United States passed the UIGEA in an attempt to bar its citizens from the global online gambling market, Paradise Poker struggled with the loss of a lot of traffic. In an effort to correct the issue, Paradise teamed up with the International Poker Network to boost traffic levels and that did wonders for the site. Had they not joined forces you may not be getting the amount of action that’s available at Paradise Poker today. As with many poker sites, you may have to wait some time to fill a high stakes table but this is not all uncommon. In short, Paradise may not see the level of traffic a few other top sites receive but there’s still plenty of action to be played and it is considered one of the better poker sites around.

Ease of Game, Ease of Making Money, Fish Rating

The players at Paradise Poker can be very poor. Read this report from one of our contributors:

“When I signed up for my first tourney at ParadisePoker, I accidentally chose limit instead of no-limit. I find no limit more exciting so I didn’t give the limit tourney 100% of my attention. I was doing some web work and watching tv as the tournament went on. The players in this Paradise Poker SnG were loose-weak. I won the tournament by being selective about my starting hands but then betting at almost every chance once I got involved.

You can check out screen shots of this sit and go here. Anyway, I took 1st place.

I wish all online players were like the opponents I faced at ParadisePoker. When I had good cards they would call my bets and pay me off. When they had good cards they wouldn’t bet and I would get to see all 5 board cards, sometimes for free.” I guess this is a very welcome side effect of Paradise Poker being integrated to Sporting Bet and, more importantly, its sports book. Trust me when I say that the caliber of fish you get here are basically the stuff of dreams!”

Bonuses and Promotions

Paradise Poker offers an initial deposit bonus of up to $1,000 with the use of the bonus code BONUS1000. The amount you deposit for this bonus is irrelevant; it will pay you based upon the number of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) you earn within 60 days of signing up.

Make sure to follow our links to create your account. Then enter Paradise Poker bonus code BONUS1000 by going to the “My Poker” section of the poker client and placing the code in the appropriate section of the “Bonus Summary” tab. You’ll have to also opt into the Paradise Poker loyalty scheme in the “MyPoker” page or else your points will not count towards releasing your bonus.

You must earn FPPs by playing in real money cash games or tournaments. These FPPs are earned at the rate of 3.6 FPP for every dollar raked or paid in tournament fees. The bonus release is $20 for every 200 FPPs earned. So in total you need to earn 10,000 FPPs to release the entire $1,000. This bonus is great in that you don’t need a large bankroll to collect a nice bonus, but keep in mind you still have to earn it. Earning it with only a $15 bankroll would be very, very hard, so we recommend you deposit more than that to play with.

As a new depositor, you’ll be entitled to enter a $1,000 New Player Freeroll. As long as you made a deposit and play 1 hand of real-money poker during a month, you’ll receive a ticket to a $1,000 tournament held in the following month.

ParadisePoker’s Player Rewards Program offers further free benefits. You’ll be allotted to one of eight ranks within the program based upon your monthly and yearly play. Your level will determine the multiplier that will be used to grant you Store Points with every FPP you earn. You can convert these store points to cash. At the highest VIP level, you can achieve value equal to 40% rake back. In addition to these benefits, there’s a special monthly Loyalty Freeroll for everyone who accumulates 100 FPPs within a month.

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Customer and Technical Support

Paradise Poker has all the typical support services and goes one beyond in offering a live chat feature. Customer support offering live chat is a very quick and efficient way to get your questions answered with very little added fluff. Every support feature is conveniently available right from within the lobby, with helpdesk, live support and email support at your literal fingertips.

Paradise Poker customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to answer any questions you may have. Customer support is also available in all the 21 offered languages of their software and website. They have a FAQ section for immediate answers, but that is still a work in progress and by no means exhaustive. For those pressing issues to which an answer is needed right away, they have live chat assistance.

Overall, Paradise Poker’s customer support is a great service, fast and very helpful.

E-mail: or automated form on website
Phone: 0800 028 0348 (Toll Free for UK, other countries available, see their website)

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