PokerStars Estonia Launches with Government OK

In conjunction with the government of Estonia, PokerStars has launched its third country-specific gaming site. The newest entry,, “complies fully with Estonian law and enables the country's residents to continue playing at the world's largest poker site and to qualify for the biggest live events across the globe, such as the PokerStars European Poker Tour,” according to a recent press release.

Congressional Poker Nemesis Losing Power

As the November elections loom, it seems as though one of online poker's biggest opponents may have talked his way out of a job. Alabama Republican Spence Bachus, who has raised eyebrows throughout the House of Representatives with his feeble arguments and disregard for facts, may lose his seat as the senior Republican on the Financial Services Committee.

Switzerland Dubs Poker a Game of Chance

As they say in Vegas, the house always wins. Such was the case today in Switzerland, where a lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court by the Swiss casino industry declared poker a game of chance. As a result of the ruling, the only legal way to play poker in Switzerland...