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A rule in live poker that players may not assist each other in making decisions such as to fold, bet, or raise. There are exceptions– for instance a disabled player may receive assistance that allows him or her to function similarly to the way an able-bodied player would function (e.g., a blind player may have someone next to him to tell him what his hole cards and the community cards are). Also, the rule only applies before showdown– once a hand is properly tabled, any player may assist in ensuring that the pot is awarded to the winning hand.


Player 1 faces a bet with AK on a board of AKQ3J. Player 2 cannot assist player 1 in deciding whether to call, raise, or fold. However, if Player 1 calls and tables his hand, and the other player in the hand tables AJ, player 2 can speak up if the dealer starts to mistakenly award the pot to the other player.

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