If you know someone who leaves and breathes online poker, then sooner or later you might encounter him somewhere beyond his workplace. Not only that, but it might be his birthday or Christmas! If you did remember that you should buy a present but have no idea what to buy, here is the latest top 10 with gift ideas for hardcore online grinders.

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones







This is a must for any serious online grinder, so if your friend is not living alone and for some reason still doesn’t own a pair of these, he’ll be delighted by this gift!

9. Disposable Urine Bags

While cash game grinders have the option of sitting out whenever they want and taking a nice stroll to the bathroom, that is not always an option for tournament and sit & go grinders. Sure there are breaks every hour, but sometimes you just have to go before that and no one wants to run to the bathroom and back just to see your pocket aces timed-out and folded on the final table!

8. Huge Sunglasses

This is actually a good gift for any poker player and there are definitely not enough people rocking this look at the casinos.

7. Gym Membership

While your grinder friend might be crushing the games online, that takes a lot of sitting on your ass and looking at the monitor. So eventually, his weight might start crushing the chair. If you notice cracks in the floor near your friend’s workplace, then it’s definitely time to get him a gym membership!

6. A Baseball Bat and Punching Bag

If your poker-playing friend just doesn’t have the bankroll to build himself a “Tilt Room” like the one in “2 Months 2 Million,” then you should give him the next best thing – a bat and punching bag. He won’t have the joyful experience of smashing a watermelon with a bat after a bad beat, but a punching bag should last longer!

5. Massage Chair

Grinding is much easier while getting a massage and Phil Ivey guarantees it!

4. Free Hug Coupon

The only gift that you can actually make yourself and rest-assured, sooner or later it will be cashed in.

3. Red Bull Dispenser Fridge

Hevad Khan and Boku87 probably went through a whole bunch of these in their heyday. While this gift might pose some serious health issues, it will surely increase working hours!

2. A Cat

A cat can basically be used for anything. It can get rid of that spider on the wall so you don’t have to get up from grinding. It can be a mini heater if you are cold or just a pleasant distraction from another bad beat. So if your friend isn’t allergic and doesn’t hate cats, get him one!

1. A Good Lawyer

If you have a friend who plays mid-to-high stakes in shady poker rooms and is dumb enough to keep most of his bankroll there, get him a lawyer. An attorney will come in handy as soon as the owners of the room refuse his withdrawal or try to run off with all of the players’ money.

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Top 10 Poker Gifts for Hardcore Online Grinders
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