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  • Playing the Small Blind in an MTT Part 1

    Playing the Small Blind in an MTT Part 1

    When it's folded to your SB in a poker tournament, you ought to be shoving pretty wide if your stack is small. You need to consider how often the big blind will fold, how often he will call and win, and how often he will call and you will win to be able to calculate if it's profitable to go all in.
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick Tip 015] Floating the Flop

    the advanced poker strategy of floating on the flop, emphasizing its effectiveness when used judiciously, but cautioning against indiscriminate floating which can lead to becoming a predictable calling station
    Dealing With Bad Beats

    Dealing With Bad Beats

    the inevitability of bad beats in poker, emphasizing that they are a part of the game, often reinforcing poor play in some players, and highlighting the psychological stages players go through when faced with such situations, from anger to indifference
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick Tip 002] Preflop Raise Sizing

    the importance of appropriately sizing your preflop raises in poker, emphasizing situations when one might want to raise larger due to dead money in the pot or exploitable tendencies in opponents, and when to raise smaller, especially when facing short stacks or frequent three-bettors behind
    Modern Blind Stealing for No-Limit Hold’em

    Apply Yourself at Learning Poker

    Whenever you read poker strategy guides or books, you must be prepared to study them carefully. Merely skimming the contents will not advance your game very much at all. You should always consider the strategic implications of anything you read to get the maximum value from it.
    Modern Blind Stealing for No-Limit Hold’em

    Should You Multi-Table?

    explores the pros and cons of multi-tabling in poker, suggesting that while it can increase earnings, it's not suitable for everyone and may depend on individual skills, the competitive landscape, and the ability to adapt to faster gameplay
    iPhone Online Poker How-To

    iPhone Online Poker How-To

    You can easily play poker on your iPhone or other iOS device. Despite the fact that Apple doesn't like gambling apps in its app store, you can use three simple techniques to start playing almost immediately. Remember to use a reliable connection when playing for real money.
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick TIP 016] Identifying Fish

    quick tip on identifying weaker players, often referred to as "fish," in poker, emphasizing that the majority of profits come from exploiting these players and providing guidance on how to quickly recognize and take advantage of them in No Limit Hold'em cash games
    Badugi Rules

    Badugi Rules

    Badugi is a weird, yet addictive, type of poker. You get four cards, and you have to try to make the lowest possible hand without repeating ranks or suits. There are three draws, so you have ample opportunity to get rid of cards you don't like.
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick Tip 014] Capped Ranges

    insights on identifying situations at poker tables where an opponent is likely to have a weak hand, emphasizing the importance of observing previous actions to determine the absence of a strong hand and highlighting the value of recognizing when an opponent has a capped range to enhance profitability in No Limit Hold’em cash games
    Playing the Small Blind in an MTT Part 1

    Radashack’s MTT Tournament Advice Part 2

    the psychological and strategic aspects of multi-table poker tournaments, emphasizing the significance of understanding one's motivation, mastering the art of misdirection, recognizing signs of strength and weakness, overcoming various forms of fear, and the importance of consistent aggression
    5 Card Stud Rules

    5 Card Stud Rules

    5 Card Stud has long been popular in home games although it's difficult to find online. While there are similarities between this game and 7 Card Stud, there are fewer cards dealt. One similarity between 5 Card Stud and Texas Hold'em is that there are four rounds of betting.
    Badugi Rules

    Omaha Hi/Lo Rules

    Omaha Hi/Lo is a form of Omaha poker that, unlike regular Omaha, is usually played in limit rather than pot limit format. You'll be trying to make hands for both high and low in this format. With any luck, you'll scoop both parts of the pot!
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick Tip 021] Video: Making Adjustments

    If you play the same way against different opponents at the poker table, you're making a big mistake. The true pros always tailor their actions to the leaks and tendencies that they identify in their foes. You can get a lot of information by carefully observing the other players.
    [FTR Quick Tip 011] Playing Suited Connectors

    [FTR Quick Tip 008] Slowplaying Flopped Monsters

    the strategic value of slowplaying strong hands in no-limit Hold'em cash games, highlighting that while it can maximize value from concealed monster hands, inappropriate slowplaying can be costly, and players should recognize the right situations to deploy this tactic effectively
    Texas Hold em Poker Hands Order

    No Limit Texas Hold’em Rules

    a guide to the rules of No-Limit Texas Hold'em, covering the game's structure, betting rounds, and special scenarios like "going all-in" and "side pots," while also highlighting key differences between online and live poker
    Badugi Rules

    HORSE Rules

    In HORSE, players must play 5 different poker games: Hold'em, Omaha/8, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud/8. All games are in limit betting format, and each game is played for eight hands before the next game in the rotation begins.
    Practice makes Perfect

    Away From the Felt

    the significance of factors outside the poker table that contribute to a player's success, emphasizing the importance of studying the game, controlling tilt, maintaining physical health through diet, exercise, and sleep, and the benefits of consistency in one's daily routine for optimal performance
    No-Limit Hold’em… A Flaw in Design

    Half-Stack Appraoch to NLHE

    The article from Flop Turn River outlines the half-stack approach to No Limit Hold'em, detailing its advantages and drawbacks, and emphasizing the strategy's simplicity, the perception it creates among opponents, and the adjustments required when playing with a 40-60bb stack depth
    Texas Calculatem Odds Calculator

    Texas Calculatem Odds Calculator

    review of Texas Calculatem, a poker odds calculator, highlighting its features such as real-time hand strength analysis, odds-based recommendations, and automatic adjustments based on table position and number of players, aiming to help online Texas Holdem poker players make more informed and profitable decisions
    Double or Nothing SNGs – Part III – Bubble Play & Collusion

    Sit-n-Go Strategy Guide Part 2

    There are important differences in play between single-table and multi-table SNGs. There are other important considerations if you're playing satellite Sit and Gos. Regardless of the type of SNG you play, you should observe your opponents and take relevant notes on them.
    Checking to Induce in No-Limit Hold’em

    Building Your Poker Pyramid

    the concept of the "poker pyramid," a collection of skills and personality traits essential for success in poker, emphasizing that technical knowledge is just one layer and that emotional stability, discipline, and experience are equally important for long-term profitability