Weekend Tournament Wrap Up

With FTOPS XIX wrapping up this past weekend the STR shifts its focus mainly on the world’s largest poker site, PokerStars.  With five major events spanning all of Sunday there was plenty of action for those also playing in the FTOPS Main Event.  Each and every...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

The 2011 online tournament scene started off with a bang this past Sunday. A lot of players must have found their stocking stuffed a little bit more this past holiday season as attendance was up across the board. One of the biggest jumps was seen in the $215 buy-in...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

The final Sunday of 2010 is in the books.  While most players were busy with holiday celebrations both PokerStars and FullTilt continued further with their typical weekend majors.  In a bit of a surprise there was not a huge drop off during the Christmas weekend as...

Weekend Tournament Wrap Up

With the high-stakes online poker world in a bit of a lull for the rest of the year it was a surprise to see how well the Sunday majors fared the past weekend. Perhaps MiniFTOPS XVIII is having a bigger effect than most could have imagined. Every event hit its...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

With just a few Sundays left in the year there are only a handful of opportunities to make your mark in 2010. Online tournaments have never been stronger as lately events such as the $750k on FullTilt and $500k on PokerStars have risen out of the cellar and once again...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

Online tournaments continue to thrive as 2010 winds down. Coming off a big month which saw the World Series of Poker Main Event culminate live on ESPN and another very successful FullTilt Online Poker Series in the books, it seems online tournaments are back and...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

Withe FTOPS XVIII coming to an end our Weekend Tournament Report shifts focus solely to PokerStars and their Sunday majors. For updates on all of the biggest events in FTOPS XVIII be sure to check out our poker news section.  Even though FullTilt garnered most of the...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

With FTOPS XVIII in full swing the focus of our weekend tournament report shifts completely onto the world’s #1 online poker site PokerStars.  There was plenty of action on Stars this past weekend as they ran their typical Sunday events including the Warm-Up,...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

With most of the focus on the World Series of Poker Main Event finishing in Las Vegas this week it would have been acceptable to see a lack of interest in online tournaments. However, it seems the publicity of the November Nine provided at least a temporary boost to...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

It was an up and down weekend in online poker tournaments as numerous tournaments garnered huge attendance numbers while others struggled to reach their guarantees. Without much excitement surrounding online tournaments lately it is logical to see a bit of a drop-off...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

Online tournaments are in a bit of a holding pattern as the end of 2010 draws near. With the majority of online tournament series in the rear-view mirror there just is not a whole lot to get excited about on a weekly basis.  Since the end of MiniFTOPS XVII and the...

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

Online tournaments continued to move in the right direction this past weekend as both PokerStars and FullTilt saw a nice boost in attendance during their Sunday majors. Without a major tournament series on the horizon the Sunday Million and FullTilt Sunday $1,000,000...

dcg30 Captures WCOOP Event #49 Crown

For just about 15 hours worth of work, $123,000 isn't a bad payday. Just ask dcg30, who finished in the top spot in the 49th event of PokerStars' current WCOOP running. Kicking off at 12:00 ET on September 22 and wrapping at 3:14 ET the following morning, 1,654 players bellied up to the digital tables for this $200+$15 No Limit Hold'em event. Each player was allowed one rebuy and one add-on (costing an additional $200). Not willing to simply bow out after one beat, 1,172 of the contestants opted for a rebuy, while 942 spent the additional cash to pad their chip stack.

norajean Wins MiniFTOPS Event #32

After outlasting an astonishingly large field in Full Tilt Poker's MiniFTOPS Event #32, norajean is basking in the sweet smell of success. Beginning on September 19 at 13:03 ET, this $300,000 guaranteed tournament went into the wee hours of the morning before wrapping at 00:24 ET on September 20. Hosted by Michael Tureniec, this $24+2 event saw 16,572 players ante up for a chance at one of the biggest prize pots in the latest running of Full Tilt's MiniFTOPS. The massive enrollment totals bested the guaranteed money by $31,440, bringing the final tally to just under a third of a million dollars.

SixthSenSe19 Wins WCOOP Event #38

In the marathon heads-up matter that was PokerStars' WCOOP Event #38, SixthSenSe19 emerged as the top dog in what is arguably the most challenging game in online poker. Outlasting 943 other entrants, SixthSenSe19 took home the lion's share of the $600,000 guaranteed prize pool. The $500+$30 buy-in event finished short of its expected enrollment, but still managed to last nearly 36 hours.

CHAZ_MAN_C Nets UBOC Championship Win

After making his way through a field fraught with professionals, talented amateurs, and the usual crowd of fortune seekers, Charlie “CHAZ_MAN_C” Combes took the crown in the latest running of the Ultimate Bet Online Championship. This Monster Stack NLHE Event featured a total of 1,032 entrants, each of whom ponied up $1,000 + $50 for their shot at the $1,000,000 guaranteed cash.

Physicist Marcel Vonk Wins WSOP Event #54

With the brain power exerted on a regular basis at his day job, the challenges of the WSOP didn't seem to faze Marcel Vonk. The 36 year-old theoretical physicist from Holland managed to outlast a field of 3,844 players in the $1,000 NLHE Event #54. It was his second cash in four attempts, earning him a handsome reward of $570,960.

Dean Hamrick Wins WSOP Event #42

Dean Hamrick isn't used to being one of the older men at the table. But he was this past Friday, with a first place prize of $604,222 on the line in the the Event #42, a $1,500 No Limit Hold'em tournament. In a final table which held three recent college grads, the tournament's eventual winner would use his maturity and experience to nab his first WSOP victory.

Sunday Tournament Report 6/20/2010

With the World Series of Poker in full swing the world’s two largest poker sites turned their attention to the WSOP Main Event which starts July 5th.  The Sunday Million on PokerStars and the $750k on FullTilt were both replaced by WSOP Main Event satellites...

Weekend Tournament Report

There was a ton of high-stakes tournament action this weekend as the final few days of the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker were contested on PokerStars.  The Main Event will end later tonight and is set to restart at 17:00 PokerStars Lobby Time. The high...

Dihxm Wins FTOPS XVI Event #28

In the world of regular joe's, $20,000 per hour is a pretty impressive wage. After earning that kind of cash for a full day, most of us may not need to work for a little while. Such was exactly the case for Dihxm, the winner of FTOPS XVI's 28th Event. After a 9.5 hour stretch at the tables, he emerged victorious. The prize for that playing session? A whopping $191,020.

Three Roads to the WSOP from Bodog

It's almost time for the 2010 running of the WSOP and we at FlopTurnRiver are absolutely stoked! So too, apparently, are the people at Bodog, who are now offering players three different ways to join them at the 2010 Main Event in Vegas. If you dream of seeing yourself on an episode of ESPN's coverage, then this may be one of your best available avenues. Check out our breakdown of each of Bodog's three routes.

Surprising Action at PartyPoker’s Big Game IV

Despite the lack of a certain mysterious Swede, PartyPoker's Big Game IV turned out to be everything a fan of the game could want. Over the course of the 48 hour marathon, only two players managed to play the entire time. One, Neil Channing, will perhaps be best remembered for his large pots played against David Viffer, who was the game's only other iron man.

Everest Backs 2010 Spanish Poker Tour

Hold onto your hats and grab your red capes – Everest Poker is gearing up for their third run at the critically acclaimed Spanish Poker Tour. The calender consists of six events spanning the proud nation, each boasting a minimum prize pool of €150,000 guaranteed. Starting on April 9 at Madrid's Gran Casino Aranjuez, players from all across the globe can expect a wild ride all the way up until the November 23 Grand Finale at the Gran Casino Costa Brava where €300,000 will be at stake.

A Perfect Pair: Betfair Poker Teams with Amateur Poker Association and Tour

Betfair, one of the largest and most well respected gaming establishments in the world, has joined forces with the Amateur Poker Association and Tournament. Now, on the cusp of an APAT season which will feature 28 live events across Ireland, the UK and the European mainland, Betfair has become the exclusive host for the organization's online qualifying tournaments.